Temple Beth Sholom

During my summer after coming back from Italy, I was really bored. I was not only procrastinating-ish starting my thesis, but just taking a step back from all of my priorities. So I started asking people to help with things. One of those things, was to help out with small projects at my local temple.

The first project I have done is to reorganize the walls of the hallway of the religious school wing. My first visit was to evaluate what existed on the walls, what could be changed, what is available to bring out of storage, and some basic measurements. I asked the Rabbi to purchase some nice poster frames and double sided tape.








My second visit was to physically take down some of the things on the walls and nail posters on the wall. A nice addition to each poster was an accompanying one-page to each poster with more information about the person who said the quote on the poster, some reflection questions, information about the graphic designer, and connections to Judaism. It was a wall label that already existed! I hung each of those next to each poster.

The nice thing about the frames is that the temple can switch out posters each year when they get a new set sent to them. I thought this was a nice way to provide an array of reflective quotes that may resonate with someone more than another.














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