Another Week, Another Famous Person

Wow, another week has just flown by! Weird to think I’ve been here for almost a month. Anyways…

                        June 14 (9:30-4:30pm)

Just your average day in the office… sending emails, research, paper pushing, a meeting or two and before you know it, the day is through!

The highlight of today was the first intern brown bag lunch where we have different people in the museum have lunch with us and a conversation. The executive director and chief diversity & inclusion officer, Rod Bigelow, the deputy director, Sandy Edwards, and Niki (I don’t know her last name) the COO were today’s guests. Our conversation was driven by our “fresh eyes” to the museum of ideas of improvement, to consider and ruminate over in the future.

                          June 15 (9:30-4:30) 

I’ve come to accept the fact that Thursdays are chock full of meetings. Like 80% of my day I was sitting down in a meeting, which is great because I get to not only be present and hear the minutiae of the inner workings, but I do have opportunities to contribute. That’s something I like about CB. Everyone who works there is very welcoming, approachable, open, and mindful of one another. This makes my life a little easier because as an intern, you are automatically thrust into this position of assumption. That is that everyone who works at the place of employment makes references and jumps around corners with those references because you’ve blended in well enough that they assume you understand what they’re talking about.

Example: I didn’t get the all-staff emails until the second week, meanwhile people kept asking me about information pertaining to the content in that email. I had no idea! Instead of looking like a complete idiot I ask. I would rather be upfront and tell someone, I don’t know, rather than being lost later.

Highlight of the day: another famous person! Still not allowed to share, nor did I meet her, but she’s a great actress (not helpful- ha!).

June 16 (2-7pm)

I had quite a bit of walking to do today, not confined to the office. First order of business was giving a walk through of the Great Hall to the performers that were going to be at CB for the Family Sunday. The group were Born in a Taxi, a group from Australia. They were introduced to me as a circus/theatrical group, which you can explore more with the link I shared.

After their walk through I met with Clarke (he has a pretty wicked mustache) in the Chihuly Forest to do a walk through for their band, Ozark Highballers, for that CSN. He was already at CB to play music for one of the plays at the New Plays Festival, so he took advantage of already being there.

In prep for the New Plays Festival, all I had to do was get the stanchions set up since CB was just hosting and did not have to run the event. Although I did have to run up to graphic design to get the signs reprinted and recut since they were too small for the stanchions.

I stayed for the first play, which was about this pastor and telephone company competing over the biggest hill in town, trying to either put a cross or tower atop it. To be honest, most plays bore me, and this was one of them. It was roughly an hour and a half long. Sara told me I could leave after it had finished because only one play would be next and there was nothing I needed to be there for. Besides, tomorrow would be a late night for me.

                        June 17 (2:30-11pm)

You guessed it! Another Chihuly Saturday Night in my books. The only thing different from this CSN from the others was that I was the event co-leader, shadowing Amanda around and being her right-hand woman. This was in preparation for me taking on as the event leader for the rest of the CSNs in my internship (yikes).

We only had two “issues” one where one of the bands had trouble finding the backroad entrance to the stage and ate into the time for their unloading. The bigger issue was how long the first band played. They were contracted out to play for 90 minutes, to which they only played 70 instead. And afterwards, they were selling CDs, which I was not sure about so I called Sara and she said we’ll deal with it later.

Besides all that nonsense the evening went well. I felt like there were less people than usual, but you can only tell with ticket reports later.

                            June 18 (12-5pm)

After sleeping in for a bit I came in to CB to help out with Family Sunday- Father’s Day edition. There are many activities that kids could do- fishing on Walker Landing, an obstacle course, a photobooth, drop-in art making, a parachute (what I helped out with), and the theatre group in the Great Hall playing giant chess.

The day was rather slow, my arms got their workout in from playing with the parachute with kids, but not many kids stopped to play (maybe 50).

I went home, tired, and not prepared for the 8am meeting the following day.

                         June 19 (8-10am)

Yay for 8am meetings! I attended the monthly all-staff meeting, not knowing what to expect. But thank da lawd for the bagels and coffee. That’s partially why I got up in the morning ha.

Summer interns were introduced with a mic line pass with name, department in CB, and school info. No one should be nervous that early in the morning but I sure was, speaking to 200+ people…

The meeting covered FAQs for Chihuly, a presentation on the newest rotation for works, future exhibitions, a little lecture on Buckminster Fuller, and a little flash mob. I left the museum as soon as we were finished and I went on to having a self-care day of sleeping and Netflix back in my room.

                                  June 20 

Slept in and decided to travel down to Eureka Springs for the day. From what I could tell it looked a tourist-y trap place, but still worth checking out. I drove Tyler and I down for an hour long drive (the distance is only 30 miles).

We spent some time looking around the different shops, walking up and down many flights of stairs. The town is pretty artsy and cute complete with little tucked in gallery spaces and oddball names. We found an Italian place to eat an early dinner, but only after walking up this aptly named street- Mountain- for half a mile that felt like 5. A steep incline plus sweltering heat does not look too great.

The place was already packed with older folks, and for 5pm on a Tuesday is a great sign. They bring out bread and a lot of roasted garlic for you to spread with butter onto your bread. I had the eggplant parm special and it was fantastic. Right amount of food, decent price for the location, and the home cooked taste.

On our way out of town we wanted to stop by Fay Jones’ Thornecrowne Chapel, but of course it was gated shut for a damn wedding. Who gets married on a Tuesday?!?

A typical week for me, nothing super exciting, but exciting for me to still be down here and working. I’m still highly appreciative for this opportunity and I’m working to my best ability. See you next week!


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